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productReal-Time GPS Logging and Activity Logging for Travel Surveys

Ease of Use

The centerpiece of RouteScout is a single screen that is elegant, simple, and friendly. Survey participants can use RouteScout to initiate GPS data logging, record activity information at each location, and submit their trip data. RouteScout's approach isolates the user from the complexity of survey data collection, creating an experience that is pleasant, unintrusive, and easy.


RouteScout currently supports the iOS/iPhone platform because, as current statistics show, iOS users are far more likely to install and use third-party apps. However, an Android version is in the pipeline, and additional GPS-capable platforms will be evaluated as they gain suffi cient market share.

Improved Geolocation Accuracy

The smartphone platform enables RouteScout to utilize assisted-GPS technologies for greater accuracy. On many smartphones, both GPS and GLONASS satellites can be observed for improved accuracy. In addition, cellular phone towers and known-location WiFi hotspots enable smartphone platforms to fi x locations in places that have no satellite visibility, improving the coherence and continuity of the logged trip and reducing the need for imputation in post-processing.

Improved Trip Diary Accuracy

The prevailing industry standard of using stand-alone GPS loggers requires survey respondents to later accurately recall their trip destinations and activities in a paper or Web-based diary. By enabling real-time collection of activity information as the respondents is making the trip, RouteScout collects complete and accurate data without having to rely on the respondent recalling complex trip details.

Built On Standards

RouteScout data are collected and post-processed according to the WGS 84 standard of the World Geodetic System, ensuring the highest level of available accuracy in trip locations, vectors, and distances.

Lower Operational Costs

Stand-alone GPS loggers incur costs to purchase, maintain, deliver, and recover. Using smartphone GPS collection in coordination with stand-alone GPS loggers minimizes costs while still ensuring the survey reaches all demographic populations.


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